Hello and thanks for stopping by. Jamie is a professional voice actor who truly enjoys every aspect of his craft.  Please feel free to reach out and discuss how he can be of service to you when it comes to optimizing your product or project with a professional male voice-over talent.  He is based out of the Boston, MA area, working from an on-site professional studio.  He has negotiable rates and a 24-48 hour turnaround time depending on the size of the project.

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Having voiced commercials in radio markets throughout the country, Jamie started his professional voice-over career by hosting a live, interactive radio show.  Success in this position led to an opportunity to co-host a morning show where he narrated various characters and performed multiple impersonations

Jamie’s voice is crisp, confident and energetic, which is great for commercials, narration, IVR, audio books and promotions.  The versatility and range of his voice is suitable for animation characters and impersonations/sound alikes.  Also, having a clinical background in physical therapy has expanded his vocabulary to include medical terminology, giving him the ability to communicate technical medical scripts in an engaging manner.


 "I had the pleasure of working with Jamie.  He has a special talent for connecting with people and bringing the best out of those around him. He is dependable, takes pride in his work, and does it with a fantastic attitude even when under pressure. I’d recommend working with Jamie in any capacity."  Willem V. 

“Jamie Burdette is the ultimate professional. He has an exceptionally wide range of voices and characters that he can pull out of his hat. He can also do straight reads with the best of them. If you want your ads to work, I’d highly recommend Jamie Burdette for any commercial you may need.”  

John A.

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